Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 8 - Peer Project Draft Reading, ANVILL, online teaching tools and the beginning of a new semester!

What a really really busy week!
Classes for the first semester have officially stared, right after carnival. I'm trying to adjust to a new rhythm, and I feel really happy and motivated.
As usual, I have groups of children, teenagers and adults, and it means that for me there is never a teaching routine, and this is just great!

I have read Melissa Vaeken's project draft, and provided some feedback (great plans, Melissa!). I am waiting for her feedback on my project's draft, so I can improve it.

ANVILL is a really interesting teaching tool, I loved it so much! Congratulations Jeff Magotto for such a wonderful work! Thank you very much!

I created a class in Nicenet for my Advanced 2 group (Summit 2 1st semester 2012). Here is the link:

I also created a crossword puzzle, at, check it:

União Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos, São Paulo, SP

A typical classroom - União Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos, São Paulo, SP

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  1. Hi Celina! I have send you my feedback on you project on our wiki, also by email. It was so great what you have planned and well written. Lots of details. I think your students will have lots of fun! Thank you for sharing pictures of your institution. It gives us a good idea of what we want to do.

    Sadly for me, I couldn't attend the webinar due to other commitments. But I am glad you find it useful.