Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 6 - Engaging Students, using Power Point Presentations

Here I am, right in the middle of carnival... How nice it is to see my country even more colorful and happier...  I have to confess that I'm not exactly a carnival lover... I don't enjoy carnival balls anymore (but I used to, when I was a teenager...), but I do enjoy the parades. Watching them on TV might be boring, but "live", well, it's fantastic. The drums, the colors, the music...
There are very different ways to celebrate carnival in Brazil. The parades of  "Escolas de Samba" (literally, schools of samba) in Rio are certainly worldwide famous, as well as the Trios Elétricos in Salvador. But Olinda's is also fantastic... and those three examples show a part of our cultural diversity.

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Salvador - BA

Olinda - PE

This week i did not teach. The Summer Course is over, and regular classes start only after carnival  (of course!)
I felt motivated by the suggested readings to make engaging students more and more part of my practice.
Concerning to Power Point Presentations, there is a lot for me to learn.

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