Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 4 - Technology, Lesson plans, Reading, Writing, Listening...

Another busy but interesting week! I am really happy with the course!
I had a hard time in coming up with an idea for my Technology Enhanced Lesson Plan. I create technology-based activities all the time, but not in a very neat way... I hardly ever write my ideas down... I simply plan "informally" and let them be... most of the times they work well, but sometimes they don't...
Well, I ended up by deciding to create an activity that would be meaningful, "Stereotypes on Views of Brazil and Brazilians", and that could help them improve their writing skills by the use of sentence connectors. Their task would be to write a review on "The Simpsons in Brazil".
Check here the discussion starter:

Discussion Starter
and the episode:

That's it, ready for Week 5!

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  1. I see you are perceptive to your students interest, good choice of video clip. It will help because it is culturally related to where your students come from, since it is about the Simpsons in Brazil. That's bringing English into our students context or culture. Instead of making them watch something about they do not have a clue.