Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 2 - Searching Engines, ABCD Model, Describing a Group

Week 2 passed so quickly! I wish I had had more time to comment on my colleagues' posts and blogs.

Search Engines:
I started the week by trying different search engines, the ones suggested at It was great, because I realized how limited my searches were when I automatically chose Google and Google only.
I would especially recommend Sweet Search, at , in case you are looking for background information on a topic, and INFOMINE if you are looking for "authoritative sites chosen by an expert researcher". Both are user-friendly and seem to be concerned with the reliability of the suggested sources.

Describing a Group:
Although quite easy, the task was interesting as it made me write down information about the group, something that I usually wouldn't do if not required to. The advantage of doing it seems to be linked to a real awareness on who the students are individually and what kind of group they form. Having such a perception will certainly help me choose / create activities that fit their needs and wants.

Task: ABCD Objective

It was literally ABCD for me, I mean, learning from the very beginning. And I feel that it can be considered "infallible": you take into account the Audience (who), Behavior (what), Condition (how) and Degree (how much). Fantastic, useful. I'll try to discipline myself in writing the objective of every new activity.

Thank you all!

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